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SY DOLL is a leading manufacturer focusing on TPE sex doll brands. It has been focusing on TPE sex dolls since 2015 and belongs to Shenzhen Shengyi Adult Products Co, Ltd. This company has a research and development team to support its own brand name design, packaging design, mold making, injection molding, plastic casting silicone production and sample testing. It is very popular on the TPE doll forum and has established global sales in the United States, Europe, Japan and mainland China through ODM or OEM cooperation. All of its sex dolls have passed CE and RoHS certification.

100cm/3.28ft Cheap Mini Sex Dolls-Maggie

$499 $429

100cm/3.28ft Lowest Price Sex Dolls-Bonnie

Only 7 Left
$509 $429

100cm/3.28ft Midget Little Girl Sex Doll-Chloe

Only 3 Left
$509 $329

100cm/3.28ft Mini Cheap Real Sex Dolls-Dreamy

$509 $439

100cm/3.28ft Realistic Teen Sex Dolls-Zoey

Only 3 Left
$509 $329

145cm/4.75ft Beautiful Sex Doll-Freda

Only 7 Left
$1,199 $669

157cm/5.15ft Blonde Hair Sex Doll – Xavierre

Only 3 Left
$1,599 $1,229

157cm/5.15ft Orange Hair Sex Doll – Leala

$1,699 $1,209

157cm/5.15ft Small Breast Sex Doll – Anouk

Only 10 Left
$1,599 $1,229

168cm/5.51ft Black TPE Sex Doll-Eugenia

Only 7 Left
$1,799 $1,399

100cm/3.28ft Child Size Sex Dolls-Gabriella


118cm/3.87ft Preteen Sex Dolls-Hannah


125cm/4.1ft Child Like Sex Doll-Evelyn


125cm/4.1ft Small Tits Sex Dolls-Scarlett


125cm/4.1ft Tiny Teen Sex Dolls-Amelia


128cm/4.2ft Lifelike Child Sex Dolls-Claire

Only 6 Left
$599 $559

140cm/4.6ft Ebony Little Young Sex Doll – Marie

Only 12 Left
$739 $599

140cm/4.6ft Pure Teen Sex Doll – Shantel


140cm/4.6ft Small Breasts Sex Doll – Geneva


140cm/4.6ft Small Love Sex Doll – Joyce


140cm/4.6ft Young Small Sex Doll – Elsie


145cm/4.75ft Blonde Hair Sex Doll With Blue Eyes – Heather


148cm/4.86ft Anime Cartoon Sex Doll – Le


148cm/4.86ft Japanese Small Teen Sex Doll – Corinne


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Each doll of the SY Doll brand is very attractive. When manufacturing, it will focus on the figure, makeup details, and manufacturing process of the doll. And these SY dolls have the best features of all dolls on the market. They are molded by TPE and they have improved The TPE ingredients perfectly imitate human skin and will not feel sticky after washing, so it is easier to maintain. It can be customized according to personal preference and the quality is checked after manufacturing to ensure you have the best customer experience.

The brand provides customers with ultra-realistic and durable sex dolls at affordable prices. Myminisexdoll, will handle all administrative and customs procedures to safely deliver your SY sex doll to your door. And you can consult at any time if you encounter any problems before and after your purchase, we are happy to answer you. Don't wait any longer, look for your doll. Japanese teen sex doll, Boxer Girl Sex Doll With Blue Eyes, Anime Cartoon Sex Doll, Milf Skinny Sex Doll, etc. There is always one you will like!

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