How long does my sex doll last?

If you can treat a sex doll like your girlfriend and take good care of her. Wash carefully and store properly, and it is possible that she can last for even more than ten years with the right care.

When I receive my sex doll, can I have sex with her immediately?

Of course. You had better give her a bath first when you get her. Although we have cleaned and dried the beautiful sex doll before leaving the factory, in consideration of hygiene, it should be washed before use. After cleaning, you can have sex with her immediately, and her virgin night belongs to you.

Will I receive the same sex doll as shown?

Yes. You should know that the pictures are the masterpieces of professional makeup artists and photographers, but the models of our factory are exactly the same as the pictures shown. However, you can dress up sex dolls more beautifully. Many players already have dressed up their sex dolls.

Why should I choose a sex doll made of TPE?

TPE is a hypoallergenic safe material, very soft and comfortable; The important thing is that TPE has good flexibility, so you can imagine that when having sex with a TPE sex doll, her realistic double breasts and sexy ass swing back and forth, so the whole sex process will become more real.

How many sex positions can my sex doll achieve?

Sexy doll owns built in high-level metal skeleton, so you can enjoy the 45+ Best Sex Positions that Everyone Should Try: Face Off/The Socket/Standing O/The Little Dipper/The Hot Seat, etc,.

Can I buy a Mini or a smaller sex doll?

As we all know, small sex dolls have more advantages. For example: small size. So it is easy to achieve various sex positions. For its size, it is easy to carry, so it is a great choice when traveling; We sell mini and small 100cm sex dolls. However, we need to declare that we will not sell sex dolls that look like children, which is not allowed by morals and laws.

I want to know where my sex doll comes from?

At present, almost all TPE and silicone sex dolls are manufactured in Asia. Our factory is the most popular one among them, and we have mastered the technology of making sex dolls. Your sex doll will be shipped directly from the factory in China and deliver to your address quickly.

Can I wear clothes of various colors for my sex doll?

We recommended that she had better wear sexy lingerie that we offer, and it is recommended that don’t wear inferior or dark-colored clothes, so as not to pollute the real skin of the sex doll. In our daily use, please keep sex dolls away from dark colors.

Can I put makeup on my sex doll?

I don’t recommend additional makeups because you don’t know whether it will affect the material. If you REALLY want to change up her/his look, stick to powders. And, please always test in an unseen part of the doll.

Is there anything to be aware of when having sex with a sex doll?

Always use WATER-BASED sex lubes. No exceptions; Do not use your doll with others. And it will reduce the chance of infections, or additional bacteria; Wearing a condom makes it easier to clean up.