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Check our collections of $1000 sex dolls. Free shipping without any legal risk,We will pay tariff and ensure that the package passes  through your country’s customs safely.

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$1000+ 132cm/4.33ft Cheapest Flat Chested Sexdoll-Sonoko

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If the joint remains bent for a long time, the surface will appear wrinkled, which is caused by improper placement and prolonged stress on the surface.

  • The knee: Keeping the knee flexed for long periods of time can extrude irregular textures on the inside. Try to return each joint to a stress-free state after showing or using, such as lying down or choosing a less stressful position.
  • Articulation angle: Exceeding the recommended angle for a long time may damage the doll.
  • Head Movement: The angle of head movement should not exceed 30 degrees.
  • Upper limb activity: the upper arm should not be raised more than 80 degrees outward, and the front and rear elevation should not exceed 75 degrees. The forearm movement angle should not exceed 60 degrees, and the left and right rotation should not exceed 45 degrees. And the palm should not be bent more than 65 degrees..
  • Leg and Hip Activities: Raise your thighs forward no more than 100 degrees. The thigh should not be raised more than 70 degrees out. The calf should not bend more than 45 degrees from front to back. The ankle should not be bent up or down more than 45 degrees.
  • Waist activity: The range of motion of the waist is 30 degrees.
  • 1. Do not bend the limbs for a long time, and do not let the doll sit or stand for a long time.
  • 2. Do not let the non-standing doll stand, otherwise the tripod will pierce the skin and damage the doll.
  • 3. Don’t let the doll do the splits.
  • 4. Don’t lift the doll’s arms.
  • 5. Do not store the doll upright, store it flat.
  • 6. Do not rinse the vagina with running water.
  • 7. Do not wash your face in a large area. When there are stains on the face, use a cotton swab dipped in some cleansing oil or white oil to scrub slowly.
  • 8. Avoid knives or other sharp objects touching the skin of the doll to prevent cuts and scratches.
  • 9. Since the material is flammable, please keep the doll away from fire.
  • 10. Do not use 84 disinfectant, alcohol and other irritating liquids for disinfection and cleaning.
  • 11. People with allergies should use with caution. Allergy sufferers should test product materials, baby powder and cosmetics before use. It is recommended to check a piece of material with the manufacturer before purchasing to confirm that you are not allergic to this product.
  • 12. If the eyes look different size, you can adjust the eyeballs manually (push to make the eyes look smaller, pull out to make the eyes look bigger).
  • 13. For dolls wearing wigs, please try to choose white intranet wigs.
  • 14. Dolls should avoid wearing dark clothes, because the material is easy to dye. Once stained, it is difficult to wash off thoroughly.

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