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Payment Guide

Affected by the laws and policies of various countries, buying mini sex doll is not always easy. However, when you come to Minisexdoll.com, things become relatively simple, we accept the following payment methods:

1. Paypal Invoice

If you are a Paypal user then this is the best payment option.Just leave your Paypal account, and then you will receive Paypal Invoice (collection request) within 12 hours.Absolutely safe and privacy bill. 

2. Credit Card [VISA]

Currently we only accepts Visa cards, If the payment failed, please contact your bank, Or re-order and select PayPal to complete the payment.

3. Credit & Debit Card 

Via this method,You will be able to complete the payment directly to our company bank account.

Step1: Remember order amount and place order

Step2:Enter the order amount, fill in your name and email address and then click [Continue to payment]

Step 3:Choose Card or Google Pay to complete the payment.

Step4: Receive a successful payment confirmation email immediately + Receive a successful order confirmation email within 12 hours.

Note: Love Toys Hub Co.,Limited is our company name,Never worry about your money being scammed.

4. Installment payment plan (Layaway plan)

  1.  After receiving the order, you will receive a 30% deposit request;
  2.  30% deposit received, we will start production;
  3. Complete the product production and send real photos to your email;
  4. After confirming the real photo, you will receive a payment request for 70% of the remaining payment;
  5. Remaining payment received, product shipped, and you will receive a tracking number.
  •  This payment plan only supports orders above $500;
  • The order option is factory direct delivery, and the USA warehouse does not support installment payment;
  • The remaining 70% payment must be paid within 3 months, otherwise the order will be canceled and the deposit will not be refunded.

For any questions, you can contact our customer service staff Crystal to confirm.Call her :+1(203)548-9557

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