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$600-$799 Micro Sex Doll

At present, the prices of dolls sold on many websites are around $1,000 to $3,000, but in fact, you can also buy cheaper micro sex doll that are also of high quality for only $600-$799 at Myminisexdoll. Nowadays, there are more and more factories manufacturing sex dolls, and transportation is more convenient, so a lot of money and time is saved.

145cm/4.75ft Beautiful Sex Doll-Freda

Only 2 Left
$1,499 $1,199

152cm/4.98ft Sex Doll With Big Ass-Ellie

Only 8 Left
$1,899 $1,429

153cm/5.01ft Realistic BBW Sex Doll-Edna

Only 4 Left
$1,959 $1,459

157cm/5.15ft Blonde Hair Sex Doll – Xavierre

Only 4 Left
$1,599 $1,229

157cm/5.15ft Orange Hair Sex Doll – Leala

$1,699 $1,209

157cm/5.15ft Small Breast Sex Doll – Anouk

Only 10 Left
$1,599 $1,229

158cm/5.18ft Real Looking Sex Doll-Doreen

Only 2 Left
$1,689 $1,369

164cm/5.38ft Most Popular Sex Doll-Cleo

Only 6 Left
$1,799 $1,409

165cm/5.41ft Real Sex Love Doll-Chrissie

$1,599 $1,369

165cm/5.41ft Realistic Asian Sex Doll-Carla

Only 7 Left
$1,759 $1,369

166cm/5.44ft Real Love Sex Doll-Althea

Only 7 Left
$1,809 $1,449

167cm/5.48ft Huge Tit Sex Doll-Annette

Only 2 Left
$1,939 $1,529

168cm/5.51ft Black TPE Sex Doll-Eugenia

Only 7 Left
$1,799 $1,399

107cm Little Doll Sex Dolls for Cheap-Kiki


108cm Child Sized Sex Doll for Sale-Voila


108cm Low Price Petite Teen Sex Doll-Linda


108cm Small Girl Young Teen Sex Doll-Kama


108cm/3.54ft Busty Blonde European Sex Doll-Leah


108cm/3.54ft Life Size Sex Doll Cheap-Addison


108cm/3.54ft Mini Big Boob Sex Dolls-Paisley


108cm/3.54ft Mini Big Butt Sex Doll-Aurora


108cm/3.54ft Mini Busty Sex Dolls-Violet


108cm/3.54ft Mini Chubby Sex Doll-Aubrey


108cm/3.54ft Mini Sex Doll Big Booty-Everly


Learn more about $600-$799 Mirco Sex Dolls

Why Buy $600-$799 Micro Sex Dolls??

This is a complete collection of $600-$799 micro sex dolls at Myminisexdoll. If you don’t like interacting with others, especially with the opposite sex, having a micro sex doll allows you to understand how to treat your partner, thereby building up your confidence and courage. These dolls are sexy and realistic, and you can enjoy the affordable lover dolls. there is always a way to make your sex life with your partner more interesting and exciting.

Buying a cheap sex doll will also allow you to learn how to take care of the sex doll properly, how to clean her, how to best store her, and avoid or repair any damage. When you use it for the first time, you will inevitably make some small mistakes, such as accidentally leaving scratches on her skin. Learning with cheap dolls first will give you more peace of mind because you will not always worry about damage. So, all in all, you can say that a micro real sex doll can be used not only for sex but also for companionship. The only downside is that cheap micro sex dolls are unable to react and have no emotions when having sex with them.

$600-$799, the Affordable Price Range of Micro Sex Doll

Inexpensive sex dolls are perfect for people who are buying mini sex dolls for the first time. Maybe you are not very sure that you like sex dolls, but you want to try them. Then you should buy a cheap sex doll to try. If you find that you don’t like it, it won’t cost you too much. It can give you the opportunity to try the micro sex doll experience without over-investing. If you like it, then you can consider buying a more expensive doll. Myminisexdoll has many realistic dolls at reasonable prices. These series of dolls are lifelike, which is the main reason why they are so popular.

How is the quality of the dolls from $600-$799?

The cheap price does not mean that our quality is not good. All doll manufacturers in our shop are very strong, and the quality of the mini sex dolls produced is also very high. If the dolls produced do not meet our requirements, the products will be returned by us, so if you want to buy a cheaper doll at Myminisexdoll, please rest assured Pick it! You can have a good sexual experience without spending too much money.

Our cheap sex dolls are made of high-tech TPE (also known as thermoplastic rubber), which is the closest simulation of real human skin. We are confident to provide you with the best products and the best user experience. Don't hesitate to order your own doll. They will come to you as soon as possible, accompany you, and bring you endless happiness. If you have any questions about these dolls, please feel free to contact us for help. We are happy to help you.

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