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American Sex Doll 70cm/2.29ft Small Breast American Small Love Doll-Lesley

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XY SEX DOLL - Soft Tiny Love Dolls

XY Sex Doll is a TDF approved sex doll manufacturer. As you know, TDF’s auditing is very strict. And they have been reviewed, verified, and approved by TDF moderators.

Because XY Doll specializes in producing high-quality, ultra-realistic silicone sex doll heads. At the same time to match its super soft TPE doll body. In this way, you can experience very three-dimensional and realistic sex. This is what people often call “hybrid dolls”. This means that XY sex dolls combine a silicone head with a TPE body. In fact, it’s the best of both worlds design. Because hyper-realistic faces make you feel mentally uplifted. And the super soft body and genitals make your dick comfortable!

Other than that, the XY doll comes with permanent makeup. Of course, you can customize other options. The implanted hair is available as a paid upgrade if you like hyper-real love dolls. Even better, XY dolls also come standard with options like shrugs, fixed vaginas, and hollow breasts. Access the full XY doll catalog now. Find that perfect little lover. If you still can’t find a genre you like, you can visit our ALL MINI DOLLS collection.

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