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Get the best sex doll torso start at $69+ here. We lists a huge collection of realistic sex torso. Mainly including lifelike male torso sex doll, female torso sex doll, shemale sex torso, love doll torso with head, sex doll feet & legs etc. Privacy Package & Cheap price & Secure Payment.Free shipping without any legal risk,Tax-Free.

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Sometimes, you don’t want to spend too much money on masturbation. In these cases, a sex doll torso is a perfect choice! Over the years, the popularity of sex dolls has been on the rise, but torso sex toy, which is smaller and easier to store, has become more and more popular among male and female consumers. Myminisexdoll has selected a variety of sex doll torsos for you, start to choose the style you like, and enjoy a new sex life.

The torso sex doll is exactly what it sounds like, the parts of a full-size sex doll with different heights and weights. Most sex torso is less than 100cm in length and weighs between 5-20 kg. Some are just an ass & vagina, while others may consist of legs, chest, or even head. It has the same quality function as the full-size sex doll but in a smaller package!

The sex torso doll can even have different genders. You can find a male torso sex doll here, you can also find a female sex torso, and more interestingly, you can even find shemale sex torso.

Most of the sex dolls torso is made of TPR material, a soft, flexible, durable, and skin-friendly material. If you have a higher budget, you can choose a silicone sex doll torso, which is more realistic and has a longer service life.

There are many styles of torso sex toys on the market. These sex torsos look exquisite. Not only do they have proper curves, but they also have realistic nipples and genitals. Buy a torso doll and enjoy incredible sex pleasure.

  • Female torso sex doll. This is the main type of sex torso dolls. This sex torso looks like a woman’s half body. It has lifelike breasts, vagina and anus, but no limbs or head. There are many specifications for size and weight. For example you can find a 25kg 1:1 female sex torso. You can also find a tiny miniature version, maybe 3.75kg. This is one of the best sex torso for men. Many men buy the female torso doll for masturbation. There are also couples who buy this torso doll for threesome sex games.
  • Male torso sex doll. As the name suggests, this is a male sex torso. This male sex torso usually has a large realistic penis. In other words, it is actually designed according to the men half body. As technology developed, designers even created balls of testicles that could slide. This torso dildo is mainly designed for women masturbation or gay sex. Most women buy male torso sex toy to enjoy real riding sex. According to the survey, many couples are keen to buy a half torso sex doll with dildo in order to experience a threesome sex game. Its cock feels like the real thing. And it stays upright all the time. Even better, the base keeps the body stable. So if you like riding sex then choose this sex torso.
  • Sex doll torso with head. This is a great design for sex doll torso. As you can see, these torso dolls have a lifelike sex doll head. And it has big tits, pussy and anus hole. But it has no limbs. Usually, this look is almost indistinguishable from a full size sex doll. But it’s easier to store and care for. In fact, these sex doll torso with a head are pretty much the same as those little love dolls. So if you’re on a budget and want to experience more real sex, then it’s good. Because it has a penetrable mouth. That means you can enjoy oral sex.
  • Big booty sex toy. Do you like doggy style sex position? There is no doubt that many people love this sex position. Because that can go deeper. And this big ass masturbator is designed for this kind of sex. As you can see, every realistic ass sex toy is a very sexy woman booty. The big booty sex toys have two lifelike sex holes. It’s worth noting that the big ass masturbator has two separate channels. That means you will feel a magical suction when the dick is inserted.
  • Silicone sex torso. This is a sex torso made from premium silicone. This material torso doll is heat resistant and durable. But it’s more expensive.
  • Shemale sex torso. Have you ever seen a Thai shemale? That’s right, a lot of people love trans sex. Well, these shemale torso sex toys are mainly based on shemales. It has both lifelike genitals and two lifelike big tits. If you like bisexual sex, then add it to your sex life. You will enjoy more sex pleasure. One of the most classic is “12.1LB Shemale Torso Sex Toy With Dildo“.
  • Sex doll legs. Some people may like women’s legs. This is a boon for fetishes. This type of sex torso is mostly a woman’s two legs. Some are 1:1, while some are legs of small girls. However, these sex doll legs have lifelike pussy and anus holes. And this sex torso legs have smooth and juicy buttocks.
  • Sex doll feet and sex torso with boobs. These are two very rare types. The sex doll feet is mainly designed with pussy and anus on the feet. It mainly caters to foot fetish needs. And sex torso with boobs is designed with pussy and anus hole on two plump tits. Enjoy exciting tits fuck and stroking big tits while penetrating genitals.

Perhaps, everyone who buys love doll torso has such a question. Without a doubt,If you buy a sex doll torso from Myminisexdoll,then it will give you very real sex feeling.The sense of reality is mainly reflected in the following aspects.

  • Vaginal sex.Each sex torso has a very realistic pussy hole. Myminisexdoll’s torso not only has a lifelike vaginal shape, but also has a very realistic internal texture. In some larger sizes of sex doll torsos, the vagina even has a suction design. If you have access to a USB heater and lukewarm water, then you can enjoy warm, moist vaginal sex. In short, you will be able to enjoy real vaginal sex.
  • Anal sex. Many people like tight anal sex. At Myminisexdoll, you can buy a torso doll with a lifelike anus hole. As you can see, the anus holes of these sex torso have lifelike textures. Moreover, lifelike particle veins are designed on the inner channel. That increases resistance. As you penetrate, you can feel both pressure and irritation from venous resistance.
  • Tits sex. Many men fantasize about big tits. Myminisexdoll’s female sex torso has very juicy and smooth tits. When you touch her tits, you feel it’s real. Put some lube on her tits and your dude can swim on two big boobs. Of course, you can also hold its two tits while penetrating its pussy or anus. Its tits are very elastic. When you have sex with it, you will love its wobbly tits.
  • Riding sex. For women, you might enjoy riding a dildo. Because that can be inserted deeper. Do you like G-spot stimulation? Then try Myminisexdoll’s torso dildo. These lifelike male torso with a big dildo are great riding sex options. As you ride, it’s firmly on the ground. For men, do you like to ride on women? Then ride on a big ass sex toy. In this way, you can enjoy real riding girl sex.
  • Transgender sex. For some, trans sex is a new thrill. Because Thai ladyboys look really sexy. Then Myminisexdoll’s shemale sex torso is definitely the best choice to experience bisexual sex. You can play with big tits while riding a big dick. Wawa, what an exciting way to have sex.
  • Threesome sex. Have you discussed “3P” sex with your sex partner? But you’ve been reluctant to have strangers join your sex life. Then choose the love doll torso of Myminisexdoll. It’s definitely the best threesome sex option.

Have you decided to buy a lifelike sex doll torso for your sexual needs? Before buying, however, there are a few things you should consider. As you know, buying a sex doll torso can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Consider the following factors to avoid disappointment or regret.

  • Buy from professional shopping sites. Buying a sex torso toy from Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress is not recommended. Because there is no sex torso in all styles at these site. And the reviews on these sites are mostly untrue. Although these sites may be more secure, the third-party sellers are all individual sellers who are not powerful. And Myminisexdoll lists all styles of love doll torsos. And privacy package, secure payment.
  • Consider your budget. If the budget is sufficient, then buy a larger size torso doll. However, if you don’t have the budget, you can consider a smaller torso.
  • Material. There are two main materials for making sex doll torso: silicone and TPE. As we all know, silicone sex doll torso has the characteristics of heat resistance and durability. But the price is expensive. TPE is a stretchable material. And the price is cheaper.
  • Size and weight. Figure out if you want a full body sex torso or a mini sex doll torso? That’s important.
  • Shape. You should ask yourself what kind of breasts you prefer when you have sex. Small, medium or large? What should the waist of your dream body be? What should be the size of the butt, do you want a big butt or a medium butt? Or do you like trans sex? Then choose a shemale torso.

As we all know, sex doll torso has become the best sex toys. If you don’t have enough space, but you still want the sex pleasure from lifelike sex dolls, then the love doll torso is perfect for you.

  • Small in Size: You won’t need to bear so many problems when having sex with it, you can freely change your sexual posture, so, a sex toy torso must be an ideal choice for sex practice.
  • Easy to Carry and Store: Thanks to its small size, all the realistic sex torso is easy to carry. You can take it anywhere. Therefore, even if you are outdoors or in a hotel, you can have an excellent sexual experience with her. At the same time, it can also be easily stored anywhere, under the bed, in the closet, it will not take up too much space.
  • Easy to Maintain and Clean: For full-size sex dolls, cleaning and maintenance could be a problem. You must clean her every time you use it. But you can do that easily with torso sex toys. You just have to use a swab sponge and antibacterial soap and warm water to clean it.
  • Cheaper Price: One of the biggest obstacles in buying a sex doll is its price. Buying a sex doll is a huge expense. But for half body sex doll or torso, the price is usually $50-500, which is definitely a wise choice
  • Full functionality: Most male torso sex toy can provide very realistic vaginal and anal sexual intercourse. For some half sex doll with heads, you can even experience oral sex. Other sex torso for women, with a strong penis, are very suitable for female masturbation.
Huge Sex Doll Torso Collection

We provide more than 60 different types of sex doll torsos. From big ass toy to half body torso with head and even some shemale torso, every taste can be catered to. The price ranges from $59 to $659, from TPR material to silicone material, With so many styles to choose from, anything is possible!

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