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Sometimes, you don’t want to spend too much money on masturbation. In these cases, a sex doll torso is a perfect choice! Over the years, the popularity of sex dolls has been on the rise, but torso sex toy, which is smaller and easier to store, has become more and more popular among male and female consumers. Myminisexdoll has selected a variety of sex doll torsos for you, start to choose the style you like, and enjoy a new sex life.

Learn More About Sex Doll Torso

What is a sex doll torso?

The torso sex doll is exactly what it sounds like, the parts of a full-size sex doll with different heights and weights. Most sex torso is less than 100cm in length and weighs between 5-20 kg. Some are just an ass & vagina, while others may consist of legs, chest, or even head. It has the same quality function as the full-size sex doll but in a smaller package!
The sex torso doll can even have different genders. You can find a male torso sex doll here, you can also find a female sex torso, and more interestingly, you can even find shemale torso.
Most of the sex dolls torso is made of TPR material, a soft, flexible, durable, and skin-friendly material. If you have a higher budget, you can choose a silicone sex doll torso, which is more realistic and has a longer service life.

What are the features of the sex doll torso?

Small in Size: You won’t need to bear so many problems when having sex with it, you can freely change your sexual posture, so, a sex toy torso must be an ideal choice for sex practice.
Easy to Carry and Store: Thanks to its small size, all the realistic sex torso is easy to carry. You can take it anywhere. Therefore, even if you are outdoors or in a hotel, you can have an excellent sexual experience with her. At the same time, it can also be easily stored anywhere, under the bed, in the closet, it will not take up too much space.
Easy to Maintain and Clean: For full-size sex dolls, cleaning and maintenance could be a problem. You must clean her every time you use it. But you can do that easily with torso sex toys. You just have to use a swab sponge and antibacterial soap and warm water to clean it.
Cheaper Price: One of the biggest obstacles in buying a sex doll is its price. Buying a sex doll is a huge expense. But for half body sex doll or torso, the price is usually $50-500, which is definitely a wise choice
Full functionality: Most male torso sex toy can provide very realistic vaginal and anal sexual intercourse. For some half sex doll with heads, you can even experience oral sex. Other sex torso for women, with a strong penis, are very suitable for female masturbation.

Why purchase from Myminisexdoll?

Huge Sex Doll Torso Collection: We provide more than 60 different types of sex doll torsos. From big ass toy to half body torso with head and even some shemale torso, every taste can be catered to. The price ranges from $59 to $659, from TPR material to silicone material, With so many styles to choose from, anything is possible!
Secure Payment: Our website is SSL Encrypted. Your payment is protected by the Paypal buyer protection policy. If you choose to pay by credit card, you can submit a chargeback application to the bank if you don’t receive or received the wrong product.
Free & Discreet Shipping: All products are free shipping, all prices you see are final prices (except for possible import duties).With FedEx, UPS, DHL,TNT ,etc.Your package will arrive at your address quickly, safely. In addition. All products arrive in a plain brown box without any sensitive words, No one will know what is inside.
Best & Fair Price: When shopping realistic sex doll torso at, you can always be sure to find something within your budget. Our range of luxury sex doll torsos is priced reasonably. We aim to provide you with sex toys that serve you excellently and are within reach.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Myminisexdoll works hard to make sure you get the best sex doll torso. We will carefully inspect each torso doll visually before we approve her to come to your home. If there is any mistake with your order (defects or wrongly shipment), We will provide you with a full & partial refund, or replacement.

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