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Testing Plan

In order to increase Brand & Website influence, let more customers enjoy our high-quality products and service. We launched a Testing Plan. Whether you are an individual consumer, a social media influencer, or a content creator, participating in this Plan will be a win-win for both of us.

Benefits For All Participants
  1. Get a free product
  2. Add more sexual pleasure to your life
  3. Create new & high-quality content for your fans, and increase exposure
  4. Get more attention or fans & followers from our website
  5. Enjoy exclusive discounts and rewards at our website
  6. Earn commissions by referrals or sharing our products
Who Can Participate?

Type A_: All new customers  (Steps as follows)

  1. Pay for the first product you like—>
  2. Test after receiving it (Shoot a video or write an article/blog/story) —>
  3. Send us your work—>
  4. Get a full refund or a free second product.

Type B_: Returning customers (Steps as follows)

  1. Write a review for your previous order (photo or video is necessary)
  2. Choose the product you want to test and tell us
  3. Get the free 2nd product and start testing

Type C_: Social media influencers or YouTubers

  • Include: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, etc
  • Basic Requirements:5000+ fans or followers

Type D_: Verified Onlyfans or Porn sites content creator

  • Include: Onlyfans, Manyvids, Fansly, Pornhub, Xvideos, XNXX, etc
  • Basic Requirements:1000+ fans or followers

Type E_: Professional sex toy reviewers or bloggers

  • Basic Requirements: Reviewed 10+ sex toys and has your own blog column or website

Type F_: Sex party/groups Admins & Moderators or member 

  • Basic Requirements: Party or Group has 30+ members
What Do You Need To Do?

Note: You only need to choose one, However, if you complete both, there will be an extra reward.

Write an articles & blog & story
  • 1000+ words;
  • Pictures and videos of products are included;
  • Highlight our brand or domain name;
  • The content must be honest and show the advantages and disadvantages of the product.
Shoot a Video 
  • Clarity:HD (1920*1080 px Recommended);
  • Video Duration: >3 minutes;
  • Introduce us: Indicate that the product is from Minisexdoll.com;
  • Unboxing: Open the package and talk about your thoughts on it;
  • Show Product: Show the audience, Material, The details of the product;
  • More: Other content you want to express.
What Are Free For Testing?
Fill Out The Form to Start
Testing Process

Step1:Fill out and submit the Above Infor Collection Form—>

Step2:Get in touch with us and confirm all details—>

Step3:Receive the free product—>

Step4:Testing products —>

Step5:Share or send your works to us—>

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