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Sex Doll Torso


Sometimes, You want just only parts to fulfill your sexual fantasies, in these cases, the sex doll torsos is perfect! The popularity of sex dolls is rising every day. When the space in your home is limited and you don't want others to know that you have a sex doll,but you know how important sexual pleasure is to you. So what should you do? The torsos sex doll offers another choice for sexual pleasure.Browse our products at myminisexdoll and learn more about our sex doll options!

11 Lb Celebrity Big Round Ass Torso With Pitch Pussy

$199 $159

11 Lb Female Sex Torso With Breasts For Men Masturbation

$199 $159

11.87 Lb Small And Portable Sex Doll Torso For Breasts Sex

$299 $169

12.1 Lb TPE Shemale Sex Doll Torso With Breasts And Dildo

$199 $179

12.93 Lb TPE Dual Channels Round Ass Sex Toy

$259 $209

13 Lb Ass Sex Torso High Quality TPE Design Men Masturbation

$259 $189

13 Lb Dual Channels Torso Male Masturbation Sex Toy

$248 $179

13.2 Lb Sexy Round Ass Sex Toy For Adult Men

$269 $199

14.34 Lb Sexy Girl TPE Sex Torso For Men Fucking

$239 $189

14.91 Lb TPE Soft Big Ass Sex Doll Torso

$299 $239

15.4 Lb Premium TPE Waterproof Double Channels Big Ass

$259 $209

15.43 Lb Round and Comfortable Big Ass Torso Sex Doll

$269 $199

16.3 Lb Lifelike TPE Shemale Torso Sex Toy With Big Dildo

$269 $199

16.5 Lb Muscle Man Half Body Torso With Real Feel Dildo

$199 $179

18.7 Lb Sex Torso With Belly For Men Masturbation

$299 $239

19.4 Lb Torso Sex Toy With Breasts Pussy Masturbation Toy

$359 $249

19.84 Lb TPE Soft Feeling Sex Torso Breasts Sex Toy

$299 $229

2.2 Lb Lightweight Sexy Ass Torso With Skirt

$99 $69

20.28 Lb Top Quality TPE Half Body Sex Doll Torso

$359 $289

23.35 Lb Torso Pussy Sex Doll Copied From Real Girl

$399 $349

24.25 Lb Lifelike Sex Toy Torso With Vagina And Anus

$359 $299

28.2 Lb 3D Breasts Sex Doll With Anal and Vaginal Tunnel

$439 $359

29.7 Lb Love Doll Torso Sex Toy For Men

$928 $809

3.75 Lb Big Boobs Sex Toy Torso For Men Masturbation

$99 $69

Learn more about Sex Doll Torso


What Is the Sex Doll Torso?

The torso sex doll is exactly what it sounds like, the parts of a full-size sex doll with different heights and weights. Most torso sex dolls are less than 100 cm in length and weigh between 5-20 kg. Some are just an ass and vagina, while others may consist of legs, chest, or even head. It has the same quality function as the full-size 100cm sex doll but in a smaller package! There are also different gender. You can also find a male torso sex doll at Myminisexdoll. You can get a sex doll with only ass and vagina, or a high-quality sex doll torso, but lacking arms and legs. However, if you are a person who prefers legs, you may prefer high-quality sex doll legs. You only need these parts to satisfy your sexual fantasies. Therefore, if your room does not have enough space and you want to keep it secret, in this case, instead of getting a young sex doll, you can also get a sex doll with only female breasts, buttocks, and vaginas. In short, it would be a wise choice to have a sex doll torso.

What Are the Features of Sex Doll Torso?

First of all, you need to know what a sex doll torso is before buying it. What are its characteristics? Here are some features you should know: It's made with TPE and these materials feel like true human skin. The pleasure of sexual intercourse is supreme, and sexual intercourse will have a realistic feel. And you will find the big boobs can be squeezed and enjoyed, The size of the torso sex doll will be small and easy to store. More importantly, You can choose the body type according to your like.

Why Should Buy a Sex Doll Torso?

Small in Size: Firstly, it is small in size. Accordingly, you won't need to bear so many problems when carrying it out and having sexual intercourse with it, and this small size of the doll makes it an ideal choice for sex practice. Easy to Carry and Store: The sex doll torso is easy to carry. Because of its small size, you can take it to any place in your pack. Therefore, even if you are not at home, you can get an excellent sexual experience with her. For anyone buying sex dolls, storage is a big problem, because it is very important to store the dolls properly to make them last longer. so many people prefer to keep their small partners secret,Due to its small size, you can easily store it. Easy to Maintain and Clean: For sex dolls, cleaning and maintenance could be a problem. You must clean the doll every time you use it. But you can do that easily with a sex doll torso. You just have to use a swab sponge and antibacterial soap and warm water to clean it. Cheaper Price: One of the biggest obstacles in buying a sex doll is its price. Buying a sex doll is a huge investment. Do you wanna a cheap sex doll? The cost of these is much lower than life-size dolls, which makes buying sex doll torso a wise choice. Full functionality: our products provide very realistic vaginal and anal sexual intercourse and come with advanced vagina and labia design for superior realism, you will be able to execute many types of sex positions with her. And sexual stimulation and pleasure.

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