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63cm/2.06ft Flat Chest Anime Sex Doll Small-Birkie

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Why choose Birkie?
  • Cheapest mini sex dolls at myminisexdoll.com
  • Blue eyes with long blonde hair, ocean princess
  • 5.5″ vaginal depth, ultra-tight wrapping feeling
  • Mini figure with sexy curves, full of temptation
  • Only 6.17 lbs, easy to hold and convenient to use

Hello my master, Welcome to myminisexdoll.com. My name is Birkie, I'm the cheapest sex doll on our site, would you like to know more about my story? I wish you could take me home.

My real shot video

After watching my video, are you in love with me? Even though I'm small, my vagina can still wrap around your big cock tightly.Read on. . . . .

My Body Size
MaterialMedical-grade TPE | Stainless Steel Frame
Arm Length:25cm/9.84inch
Leg Length:33cm/12.99inch
Vagina Depth:14cm/5.51inch
Sex type:Vagina
sex doll small (11)

Do you have a favorite anime character? Maybe you really want to spend the night with an anime character. Now you can make this a reality. I am a very realistic anime sex doll small. I have a real human body, and a realistic face, a soft ass, and a tight vagina. You can pinch my ass. You will be surprised by my soft touch.

65-80cm(2.1-3.3ft) 63cm/2.06ft Flat Chest Anime Sex Doll Small-Birkie 11
65-80cm(2.1-3.3ft) 63cm/2.06ft Flat Chest Anime Sex Doll Small-Birkie 12

High quality metal frame in my body. So I can be flexible like a real little girl.When you insert my pussy, you will feel tightly wrapped in it. That feeling is really comfortable.Take me home, I can definitely help you maintain a long-term sex life.

65-80cm(2.1-3.3ft) 63cm/2.06ft Flat Chest Anime Sex Doll Small-Birkie 13
My factory real shot
What My Customer Said
 Albert H.    2022.11.15
Albert H. 2022.11.15

I've been looking for cheap anime dolls since I don't have much of a budget. So I chose the 63cm Birkie, she is cute and very comfortable to the touch, meeting all my expectations. When I have enough budget, I will buy a bigger sex doll here, because the quality here is very guaranteed, and the customer service is also very nice.

Jhon M.    2022.11.15
Jhon M. 2022.11.15

I like anime dolls. But I've been to a lot of stores and I've bought two, but neither was what I expected, and I haven't been able to find my favourite. Luckily, I saw Birkie on this site. I took a fancy to her immediately. I confirmed some functions about Birkie with the customer service. The customer service is very professional and she solved many problems for me. I waited a week in Los Angeles after I bought it, and my Birkie arrived, as advertised, not fake. It' it exceeded my expectations. You will never be disappointed.

Free Gifts


The following free gifts will be delivered together with me to offer you a better sex experience.

65-80cm(2.1-3.3ft) 63cm/2.06ft Flat Chest Anime Sex Doll Small-Birkie 14
1 * Blanket
65-80cm(2.1-3.3ft) 63cm/2.06ft Flat Chest Anime Sex Doll Small-Birkie 15
1 * Gloves
65-80cm(2.1-3.3ft) 63cm/2.06ft Flat Chest Anime Sex Doll Small-Birkie 16
1 * Comb
65-80cm(2.1-3.3ft) 63cm/2.06ft Flat Chest Anime Sex Doll Small-Birkie 17
1 * Cleaning Tool
65-80cm(2.1-3.3ft) 63cm/2.06ft Flat Chest Anime Sex Doll Small-Birkie 18
1 * Lingerie (Random)
65-80cm(2.1-3.3ft) 63cm/2.06ft Flat Chest Anime Sex Doll Small-Birkie 19
1 * Vaginal Heating Rod


Does the doll have an anal cavity? Or just a vagina?



Hello, my dear friend. She doesn't have an anal, she only has a vagina.


Hello, I want to buy a doll, but I am from Mexico, do I have to pay extra at customs?

Ferdinand C.


Hello, my dear friend. You don’t need to add an extra fee, we will bare the tax, and after your order, you only need to wait for her.


Hi just wondering where I can find clothes for my 63cm/2.06ft Flat Chest Anime Sex Doll Small-Birkie?

Godfrey W.


Hello, my dear friend. We have some clothes. $25/1 set. If you want. Please email us at [email protected].


Hello, can the package be delivered to me in person? Do not leave packages unattended.

Hiram M.


We will send your package through the air by UPS. And we helped you add some money, so they will provide a sign service. And we will pay the tax.


Do I have to sterilize the doll? What do you recommend?

Clarence W.


Hello, my dear friend. You can take a shower for her. https://sexdollgenie.com/blogs/news/how-to-clean-your-doll-after-use

Shipping Guide

Section A : Processing and Shipping time

1.In-Stock Dolls (USA / EU)

If you order sex dolls in stock at our US/EU Warehouse. We will ship your order within 12-48 hours after payment is received.Usually, the shipping time only takes 2-5 business days.

2.Not In-Stock & Custom Sex Dolls (Ship From China’s Factory).

As sex doll are special and involve complex working procedures.So it may take different time to complete production,Processing time is as follows:

  • Normal Full TPE dolls: 2-5 business days
  • TPE Body+Silicone Head dolls: 4-8 days ( +10 days | with implanted hair)
  • Full Silicone dolls: 10-20 days (+10 days | with painting/implanted hair)

Once your sex doll is completed, we will ship it out immediately.Here is the shipping time table:

deer5-12 Business days, Tax-Free.
Canada5-12 Business days, Complete customs clearance and pay duties by yourself.
Asian Countries10-25 Business days, Complete customs clearance and pay duties by yourself.
Europe CountriesFor Adults dolls (140cm+) and Sex Doll Torso: 10-20  Business days, Shipping By Air, Tax-Free.
For Mini & Child Dolls (65cm-140cm) : 40-50 Business days, Shipping By Railway, Tax-Free.
Section B: Shipping Options & Track your order

Our shipping partners are UPS, FedEx,DHL,DPD,and other major carriers.

Track your order here: https://t.17track.net/

For any problems, please email us : [email protected].

Section C: Discreet Packaging

Your doll will be packed in a plain carton box. There will be no information that indicates that it’s a doll.

Section D: Shipping Destinations

We can make shipment for lots of countries and regions all over the world, including NORTH AMERICA, EUROPE & ASIA . However, due to import laws, we DO NOT SHIP to the following destinations: Islamic countries, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa, or Brazil.


Order Cancellations Policy
  • <24 hours (Before we produce) : 5% cancellation fee
  • ≥24 hours (In production process) : 25% cancellation fee
  • ≥3 days (Production is completed) : 50% cancellation fee
  • Once shipped : Can’t be canceled

Return Policy

Due to the following two reasons, once the doll is sold, there is no return available:

(a). Every sex dolls are custom products, each doll is produced according to the customer’s request.

(b). The doll will touch the skin and reproductive organs, which will affect the second sale.

Refund Policy

You can get a refund in the following cases:

(a). Never received your doll

(b). Received the wrong doll

(c). Received the damaged doll

You can’t get a refund in the following cases:

(a). Undeliverable Orders

(b). User damage

(c). Used Dolls

(d). Skin imperfections

(e). Finger & Toe Nails

(f). Loose Eyelash

(g). Makeup Difference

You can also email us at [email protected]. We can then work to resolve the issue.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
63cm/2.06ft Flat Chest Anime Sex Doll Small-Birkie

She is so cute. I love her. Her skin is so soft


This is the cutest doll I have ever seen, I have taken many pictures of her and I love dressing her up.


I was really pleasantly surprised, just like the real thing. I felt like I was playing with a real person. I smeared some lubricating oil before using it.


It's very elastic, crisp and numb, very comfortable, and it feels very real. It makes me feel like I'm in the scene, and it feels like I'm having sex with a real person!


I would like to recommend it to everyone, although she is small, her breasts are soft, her ass is very elastic, and the eyes of the doll are very beautiful and realistic.


It's very real to play, it's very easy to use, it's super comfortable to play, the best choice for men, it's so cool, I can't control myself.


It's super comfortable to play, it's so refreshing, it's a great experience, and the effect is super good.


Her little face excites me and I love kissing her.

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