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100cm/3.28ft Little Girl Samll Tits Sex Dolls-Meroy


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hello my boyfriend. I'm Meroy and I'm the first girl from Japan on our site. I like to wear makeup so I look more mature, and my sexual desires are definitely unexpected. Definitely satisfy your sexual needs.

My Body Size Infor
MaterialMedical-grade TPE | Stainless Steel Frame
Vaginal Depth:12cm/4.72inch
Anal Depth:11cm/4.33inch
Oral Depth:10cm/3.93inch
Sex type:Vagina / Anal / Oral Sex
My photos
$300-$599 100cm/3.28ft Little Girl Samll Tits Sex Dolls-Meroy 13


Can't you resist fucking me when I'm naked and looking at you? Do you like my soft skin and breasts? I love it when you lick my tits and knead all over my body. This will make me enjoy and I will give you the greatest sexual pleasure!

mini silicone sex dolls (1)


Do you like doggy sex? This is my go-to sex position, I will clamp your cock until you ejaculate. Have you ever tried creampie? Don't be afraid, I'm hungry for your cum. Take me home quickly, let us spend one happy night after another!

$300-$599 100cm/3.28ft Little Girl Samll Tits Sex Dolls-Meroy 14
Gerard H,Dec,20,2022

Gerard H,Dec,20,2022

Today is a day that I will always remember. My long-awaited little baby—Meroy walked into my life. I made some changes to her which made her already perfect even more perfect now. I can't help but want to lick those soft boobs, I can't wait to rub her and penetrate her!

Real Shot
Free Gifts


The following free gifts will be delivered together with me to offer you a better sex experience.

$300-$599 100cm/3.28ft Little Girl Samll Tits Sex Dolls-Meroy 15
1 * Blanket
$300-$599 100cm/3.28ft Little Girl Samll Tits Sex Dolls-Meroy 16
1 * Gloves
$300-$599 100cm/3.28ft Little Girl Samll Tits Sex Dolls-Meroy 17
1 * Comb
$300-$599 100cm/3.28ft Little Girl Samll Tits Sex Dolls-Meroy 18
1 * Cleaning Tool
$300-$599 100cm/3.28ft Little Girl Samll Tits Sex Dolls-Meroy 19
1 * Lingerie (Random)
$300-$599 100cm/3.28ft Little Girl Samll Tits Sex Dolls-Meroy 20
1 * Vaginal Heating Rod

Shipping Guide

Section A : Processing and Shipping time

1.In-Stock Dolls (USA / EU)

If you order sex dolls in stock at our US/EU Warehouse. We will ship your order within 12-48 hours after payment is received.Usually, the shipping time only takes 2-5 business days.

2.Not In-Stock & Custom Sex Dolls (Ship From China’s Factory).

As sex doll are special and involve complex working procedures.So it may take different time to complete production,Processing time is as follows:

  • Normal Full TPE dolls: 2-5 business days
  • TPE Body+Silicone Head dolls: 4-8 days ( +10 days | with implanted hair)
  • Full Silicone dolls: 10-20 days (+10 days | with painting/implanted hair)

Once your sex doll is completed, we will ship it out immediately.Here is the shipping time table:

deer 5-12 Business days, Tax-Free.
Canada 5-12 Business days, Complete customs clearance and pay duties by yourself.
Asian Countries 10-25 Business days, Complete customs clearance and pay duties by yourself.
Europe Countries For Adults dolls (140cm+) and Sex Doll Torso: 10-20  Business days, Shipping By Air, Tax-Free.
For Mini & Child Dolls (65cm-140cm) : 40-50 Business days, Shipping By Railway, Tax-Free.
Section B: Shipping Options & Track your order

Our shipping partners are UPS, FedEx,DHL,DPD,and other major carriers.

Track your order here: https://t.17track.net/

For any problems, please email us : [email protected].

Section C: Discreet Packaging

Your doll will be packed in a plain carton box. There will be no information that indicates that it’s a doll.

Section D: Shipping Destinations

We can make shipment for lots of countries and regions all over the world, including NORTH AMERICA, EUROPE & ASIA . However, due to import laws, we DO NOT SHIP to the following destinations: Islamic countries, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa, or Brazil.


Order Cancellations Policy
  • <24 hours (Before we produce) : 5% cancellation fee
  • ≥24 hours (In production process) : 25% cancellation fee
  • ≥3 days (Production is completed) : 50% cancellation fee
  • Once shipped : Can’t be canceled

Return Policy

Due to the following two reasons, once the doll is sold, there is no return available:

(a). Every sex dolls are custom products, each doll is produced according to the customer’s request.

(b). The doll will touch the skin and reproductive organs, which will affect the second sale.

Refund Policy

You can get a refund in the following cases:

(a). Never received your doll

(b). Received the wrong doll

(c). Received the damaged doll

You can’t get a refund in the following cases:

(a). Undeliverable Orders

(b). User damage

(c). Used Dolls

(d). Skin imperfections

(e). Finger & Toe Nails

(f). Loose Eyelash

(g). Makeup Difference

You can also email us at [email protected]. We can then work to resolve the issue.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Sweetest Little angel,,even with her quirky little flaws.

First of all, she did not come with that brunette wig, she came with an adorable strawberry blond wig.
I wasn't expecting her to be so small, I've seen torsos that if you added legs and a head it would be 100cm proportionately. From her knees to her feet is disproportionately long that is how they made her 100cm. I got the non standing one, but if she holds the wall she stands just fine and more realistically.

She has incredible strength in her hands once you ,mold her finger's around something.. Her breasts are filled with Jelly and feel super real, they look sill n her because she is so small, wish she were flat. She fits good it 18mo clothes except for her crazy height for such a small body. Her eyes look very close to those of the $600.00 dolls I have. .

Her skin is milky white, and to my surprise, because they all say they don't stink, she has absolutely no smell, she also has no taste either, which is remarkable. She is easy to dress and her Joints move pretty easily but also lock firmly in place. Like it is easy to get her in the standing position and even under her own weight they dont give.
I placed an 8oz bottle of water in her hands and she held it ok. Because of her weird proportions, when you place her in a seated position, her hands dont touch the seat so you cannot use that to stabilize her. Mine is always looking down I cannot see to get her head looking straight forward. When she is sitting with her legs hanging over her feet look pretty realistic. Depending on why you are buying it you may or may be disappointed in it. If you like them for dressing them up and taking pictures sleeping with etc, you will love her, she is pretty tiny for most other things, but I absolutely adore her and I am glad I purchased her.


I forgot to include we a photo before. This beautiful little angel exceeds all my needs. Her pushy and asshole are so tight and I love coming between those beautiful titties. Love dressing her up and spreading her little panties to the side

Nice Doll

Great doll. perfect size. 4 stars because very stiff joints and oil smell to her. My guess is she's been in the box for quite a while. Smell is less after wash and powder. Don't store her in shipping box. Happy with purchase. My 2nd purchase from Myminisexdoll. Fast shipping and good C.S. Will buy again.


Joints are a little stiff but for the money it’s been great .


Wow. I was blown away with how adorable she is. So soft and supple, a perfect companion. I love putting her in different outfits and enjoying our time together ❤️ A+ purchase


This little angel's boobs and ass are so good, I sleep with her every night.


I have to say that the service of this store is in place and the customer service is very patient. I received the goods and I feel like a real little girl, so happy.


The packaging is also very concealed and cannot be seen at all.

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