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$1000+ Sex Dolls

Sex dolls appeared in the late 1990s. Unlike low-priced inflatable dolls, sex dolls are mostly made of high-quality silicone or TPE, which is a non-toxic type for medical purposes. It is also heat resistant and will not melt during normal storage or use. So the price tends to be higher. Such as the $1,000+ sex dolls.

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Realistic Sex Dolls For Around $1000

People desire to establish intimate sexual relations, however, due to physical or psychological conditions, it is sometimes difficult or impossible to have an active sex life. So, how can husbands and wives maintain a strong and healthy relationship? Even for those who are unable to engage in regular sexual activity, there is a way to improve intimacy, which is very valuable to them. The $1,000 sex doll allows you to meet regular sex even if you live alone, which is very suitable for singles or long-distance couples.

Have you had sex with a real sex doll? Using sex dolls during sex will double the effect of visual pornography! Can experience different fun and comfort from other adult toys. There are many sex dolls that are expensive because of their high functionality, but the experience is better! Whether you browse a lot of favorite dolls, it costs about $2,000. But in this series in our shop, you will find a lot of very realistic sex dolls for around $1000.

Why Are These More Expensive Than Other Dolls?

Most of the human sex dolls in this series are made of high-quality TPE materials. The dolls you see above are more exquisite in workmanship, so the cost will be higher than the $600-$799 dolls. At the same time, the skin, body, and face of these dolls The expressions are very lifelike, and other details such as hair are also lifelike, which will give you a good visual experience. These dolls usually have an articulated PVC or metal skeleton with flexible joints so that they can be placed in various positions for display and sexual activity. If you like more beautiful sex dolls, maybe they are your best choice.

The advantages of $1000+ Sex Dolls At Myminisexdoll.

Flexible and adjustable: All the lifelike sex dolls in this series are flexible and adjustable, they can satisfy any sex position you have.

High softness:The softness of the molded product is also the reason for the raw material itself.

Durable and easy to maintain:And it will not be deformed after a long time of use. The detachable head and neck guard make them easy to maintain. By the way, they are also easy to wash.

Repairability:An accident may occur when the doll is used, posed, or cleaned, causing damage to the skin of the doll. For dolls made of TPE material, a special repair agent can be used to repair the damage of the doll.

Collection:They have collectible value, and many puppet collectors like to collect such precious dolls because they are very delicate and easy to store.

Cost-effective:It is also a matter of raw materials. Due to repeatability, costs are reduced. Thereby reducing the selling price.

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