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125cm/4.1ft Child Like Sex Doll-Evelyn


125cm/4.1ft Child Sex Doll For Sale-Jenny


125cm/4.1ft Lifelike Teen Sex Dolls-Abigail


125cm/4.1ft Real Sex Dolls Cheap-Maya


125cm/4.1ft Small Tits Sex Dolls-Scarlett


125cm/4.1ft Tiny Japanese Sex Doll-Mila


125cm/4.1ft Tiny Teen Sex Dolls-Amelia


128cm Asian Teen Japanese Mini Sex Doll-Tina


128cm/4.19ft Flat Chest Little Cheapest Sex Doll -Cathy


128cm/4.19ft Flat Chest Teen Best Cheap Sex Doll – Abby


128cm/4.2ft Lifelike Child Sex Dolls-Claire

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$599 $559

132cm Sex Doll Mini Japanese Sex Doll-Nana


132cm/4.33ft Child Sized Sex Doll For Sale-Kiyoko


132cm/4.33ft Flat Chested Sex Doll Cheap-Tina


132cm/4.33ft Little Childlike Sex Doll-Nana


132cm/4.33ft Realistic Mini Sex Dolls-Kumi


132cm/4.33ft Small Breast Sex Doll Small-Lulu


132cm/4.33ft Teen Small Tits Sex Doll-Lulu


132cm/4.33ft Teenage Sex Doll Child-Tina


135cm/4.42ft Child Size Sex Doll for Sale-Avery


135cm/4.42ft Mini Flat Chested Sex Dolls-Sofia

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$749 $589

138cm/4.52ft Cheap Sex Dolls for Men-Ariana


138cm/4.52ft Japanese Teen Sex Dolls-Madelyn


140cm/4.59ft Asian Affordable Sex Doll-Jill


Learn More about Japanese Sex Dolls

Mini Japanese Sex Doll

Today, at Myminisexdoll, we would like to recommend several Asian sex dolls for everyone, they represent the traditional cute and slender beauty of Asian women. From Japanese mini sex dolls to Chinese sex dolls, our sex dolls range in height from 100cm-140cm. They are the perfect size for storage and carrying, as well as the ideal size for various sex positions. If you want to be teased by petite ladies, then you should check out our small sex dolls.

Cute Asian Sex Doll

Will cute Asian girls make your heart beat faster? Well, There are various types of Asian girls on Myminisexdoll that can make your heart beat. Fulfill all your fantasies with these cuties. Their petite body, cute face, tight anus, and pink vagina will definitely bring you pleasure and make you climax instantly.

BBW Asian Sex Doll

If you don’t like a small breast, tiny booty sex doll, then there are also many BBW sex dolls,.

Anime Asian Sex Dolls

Are you passionate about Japanese anime? Do you want a cute loli to be your sex partner? However, this kind of animation doll is very rare in the market, and it is even hard to find, let alone find the one you like. The good news is that we can provide you with anime Asian sex dolls in this series. Big eyes, fairy ears, big breasts, colored hair, etc. There will definitely be anime dolls that will make your heart fascinating!

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