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Irontech Sex Doll

Irontech Doll is a premium sex doll company in China. It mainly produces TPE sex dolls with metal skeletons. Irontech Sex Doll pays great attention to the details of the design. So you can not find any flaws at all. And the Irontech Sex Dolls not only have realistic and soft skin but also have a flexible metal skeleton. Myminisexdoll lists all Irontech sex dolls ranging in height from 100cm to 150cm. Even better is, all Irontech sex dolls are customizable. So you can choose your desired skin tone, eye color, wig type, nail color, etc.

Learn more about Irontech Sex Doll

First, the Irontech sex dolls are made of medical-grade TPE materials, which are safe and odorless. So you can kiss your little sex dolls. And penetrates her vagina and anus without scruples.

Secondly, the Irontech sex doll is designed with very flexible joints throughout the body. Therefore, the brand’s sex dolls are very flexible in the knees, elbows, and neck. And the arms and legs of these sex dolls can be rotated at will. So, you can easily experience multiple sex positions with these cute little sex dolls.

Also, Irontech Doll has a very professional sex doll design and production team. They pay attention to the depiction of every detail. So every cute sex doll of the brand is like a real person. At the same time, the private parts of their sex dolls are made using die-casting technology. And the hands and feet of sex dolls are made with 3D scanning technology. The details are then carefully hand-carved. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to call them the most realistic sex dolls.

Fourth, Irontech sex dolls are feature-rich. Each of their sex dolls comes with a cleaning unit and a heating rod. Heat rods make love dolls have genitals the same temperature as real people. Also, you can choose whether the doll has a standing function or not. Of course, there are many other customization options.

Finally, Irontech Doll has many styles of sex dolls. Whether it’s a blonde from Europe and America, a pure Japanese student, or an elegant ballerina, you can find the cutest sex doll in Irontech Doll’s brand collection.

Of course, if you can’t find a doll you like here, please contact us and Myminisexdoll will customize a unique doll for you or visit our other collection of small sex dolls.

Of course, Myminisexdoll wants everyone to have their perfect girl. So, you can customize Irontech Dolls.

Customize the look of your Irontech Doll

Each doll has different skin tones to choose from. Such as white, black, and ebony. Then you can also choose the eye and hair color. Whether you like the girl next door with brown curly hair and green eyes, or the devilish hot red hair and eyes, there is a choice. Which type to choose is entirely up to you.

Buy extra kits for more sex

Maybe someone likes a warm vagina. Then buy a USB vaginal heating rod. Of course, there are other options. Say you want to store your sex doll nicely. Then you need a professional storage case.

Mouth type

There are generally two options. One is the standard mouth hole. The other is a mouth cavity with a realistic tongue built-in.

Standing feet

Some people like to have sex while standing. Some people like their sex doll standing there. Because that would be more like a sexy lover. Then it is necessary to choose standing feet.

Detachable vagina

If you want to clean your sex doll quickly, then opt for a removable vagina. If you want to experience realistic sex, a built-in vagina is better. It’s totally up to you.

Buy a cheap and quality Irontech Doll now. Then take it home.

No one will treat you like your Irontech sex doll. You have full control over it. Including her appearance and performance. Then follow how to use a sex doll and do what you want with your sex will. Create your perfect little partner with Myminisexdoll.

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