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This series has been the most popular doll in the past three months with the most positive reviews! If you have difficulty choosing, then they will be your best choice!

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There are more than 300 different styles of mini sex dolls in our store.To be honest, if you want to check them all, it may take a long time. Now, we have prepared a best shopping guide for you.

FAQs About Mini Sex Doll

When mini sex doll enter the market, people used to worry about whether they are related to child sexual assault. Some people think that small sex doll are designed to imitate children because they have cute little faces. Moreover, the height of small sex dolls is between 100cm-140cm, which is hard not to remind people of children. In recent years, child sexual assault has made the purchase and use of mini love doll controversial. However, the actual situation is that teen sex doll may have greatly reduced the incidence of child sexual assault.

Some countries, such as Singapore, stipulate that sex dolls under 140cm cannot be imported( the internationally recognized child sex doll does not exceed 140cm),but most countries do not have such regulations.According to our sales experience in the past many years, mini sexdoll can be safely shipped to USA, Canada, and European countries,etc without any legal issues.

Affordable Price

Compared with full size sex doll, they are smaller in size and therefore require fewer TPE materials. In addition, almost all tiny sex dolls in the world are made in China, so the raw materials and costs will be cheaper. Finally, the weight of these dolls is smaller, and the transportation cost is also smaller. If your budget is limited, then buying a small sex doll is really great.

Lighter weight

The height of the small love doll is less than 140cm, and the weight is lighter. Therefore, you can easily take her home when you receive the package. Not only that, it’s easy to move when having sex with her. In addition, you don’t need to spend too much time cleaning it after sex.

Recently, some of my clients complained to me that :“I can’t move my full size sex doll when I want to change the sex position”.He was disappointed and even lost interest in having sex with her. Then I told him “Why not try a tiny sex doll?”. Now that he has bought one, I believe he will have a great experience.

Pretty Appearance

They are beautiful because of their small size, which is why they are so popular. Their small heads, soft skin, and big eyes are so touching! Even buying a teen sex dolls can serve as spiritual sustenance for those who have lost their children.

Easy to store

Miniature sex doll are small and easy to hide. If you are worried about privacy leakage, the room is small and difficult to store or you don’t want others to know what you are doing. Then, little sex doll will be your best choice. More importantly, if you live with others and don’t want anyone to discover that you have a mini real doll, then you can hide her anywhere.

Small sex dolls are all made of TPE or silicone, which are the same materials used to produce real-size dolls. At Myminisexdoll, Most of the dolls are made of TPE material, and only a few high-priced small love dolls are made of silicone material.

TPE and silicone are both the main materials of production dolls, so what is the difference between them?

Firstly,mini silicone sex doll are more sensible to heat than cheap tpe sex dolls,TPE can start losing its consistency or melting when reaching more than 104º Fahrenheit (40ºC),But silicone is less sensitive to heat.

Secondly, TPE is softer, more elastic and more realistic than silicone, silicone feels more dense and stiff to touch.

Finally,TPE is a porous material, which means that it is more sensitive to stains from clothes.Silicone is non-porous, so it will not get stained from clothes, easier to clean.

In fact, most people have never used sex dolls, and even some people have no experience of sex. If you belong to these groups, you can try it with a sex doll small first.

Sex doll mini have realistic skin, cute faces, delicate bodies, and all the holes(mouth, anus, vagina) you need for sex. In other words, small sex dolls have all the characteristics of real women, and you can enjoy sex as you like.

Now, we have a variety of mini affordable sex doll waiting for you to buy.The best thing is that the mini sex doll can be customized partially, you can customize your mini fuck dolls according to your personal taste.

There are different reasons for buying a petite sex dolls. Many people choose to buy it because of its cute appearance. Imagining how happy it is to have a petite teen sex doll at home! It’s hard to say why people love them so much. Is it because of the small body, the innocent appearance, or the affordable price? Nobody knows.

As demand increased, manufacturers began mass production of mini sexdolls. Some manufacturers even made some mini love dolls for sale based on the modern goddess of love, so that many people can enjoy them.

The height of teenage sex doll is between 60 cm and 140cm, and the weight is between 5 kg and 20 kg.Owning petite & cute sex doll is becoming a more popular trend.

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